Unzip Marie Claire's New August Cover

  • Reina

    As a subscriber, I thought it was cool for like, a hot second, and then I was like, well I actually really like the newsstand cover and WISH it was behind this "zipper" (I hate it when Marie Claire does a different subscribers cover than the actually newsstand one because oftentimes its a worse cover like July's Mila Kunis, or March's Kristen Stewart UGHH) and what the hell am I going to do with my current cover? Its ripped so I'll probably just end up cutting it off. I love Marie Claire and will probably be a subscriber until I die, but sometimes I HATE the subscriber covers.

  • I liked this way back when the Rolling Stones did it with Sticky Fingers and an actual zipper. But kudos to Marie Claire for at least trying to mix it up a little from the standard cover.

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