Kicking off the week with a little spice!

Kicking off the week with a little spice! chipingym.jpg
Let's kick off our week of magazine aceness with a little spice. We love the three most recent covers of high-end, classy nudie magazine Odiseo. It's designed by the award-winning Barcelona-based Folch Studio, and the three most recent covers have been confronting (issue two), laugh-out-loud funny (issue three), and lovingly romantic (issue four).

We touched based with Folch Studio's founder Albert Folch to get the lowdown.

Folch Studio publishes a number of magazines. Do all Folch magazines share a common DNA? Is there a Folch philosophy that connects them?

They all represent what we really love to do. And all of them explore new editorial design solutions.

Odiseo underwent a redesign after issue one. What changed? And why?

After printing volume one, we realized it wasn't the magazine we were hoping to make. So many wrong decisions brought us to the end of the first volume. It didn't represent us. We decided to re-conceptualize the whole project; the challenge was to create an erotic magazine/book hybrid... not to just present pictures of naked women. For that, we had to rethink the creative direction, the art direction in photography, the editorial content and the production.

What makes a great Odiseo cover? And what sets an Odiseo cover apart from those of other erotic magazines?

It's hard to explain... the concept is quite abstract. But if I had to define what an Odiseo cover should be, I would say it has to allow your imagination to run. I like photos with dynamic compositions, powerful and direct meaning without being obvious. Being different to other magazines is automatic... we establish our own rules and follow our intuition.

Finally, which (non Folch) magazines do you admire?

I've been reading National Geographic since I was a kid, so I guess it's my favorite magazine ever.


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