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Who doesn't enjoy a great film? We love 'em. And we're not talking dodgy, low-quality streaming. Rather, we're all about heading to our local cinema, grapping a tub of Ben & Jerry's, a Coke the size of a European car, and sitting back for some cinematic magic.

And how do we choose which flicks to see? Simple, we read British indie film magazine Little White Lies.

We spoke with Little White Lies creative director Timba Smits about what makes a great Little White Lies cover. Read on, magazine lovers.

What makes for a successful Little White Lies cover? Is there a strategy... or is it more of a gut feeling?
I would say that it's a little bit of both. I guess the strategy element would first be the cover film choice. We rarely go into a new issue with a cover artist or idea already in mind. More often than not, its after seeing an advanced screening of the *said* film that we choose an illustrator or style of art direction, and decide whether it'll be created in-house or commissioned out.

The styling of the film, its mood and all its creative details play a huge role in the cover decision-making process. Then comes the gut feeling. Making the beast. Trusting in the illustrator's ability to create a distinct reference to the film, a strong likeness to its lead character(s) whilst remaining completely original and conceptual in our own Little White Lies way.

What sets Little White Lies apart from other movie magazines?
Aside from its iconic covers and its overall design, I feel that it's Little White Lies' honest approach to editorial and a steadfast attitude to trying something different. At the outset of every new issue a lot of time is poured into thinking about how we can push the envelope even further, followed by an injection of fun and playfulness. Each issue is born from a genuine love and passion for what we do and, as importantly, for film.

For the magazine's recent 50th issue, Little White Lies celebrated 50 movies from the last 50 years (starting with Hitchcock's Marnie in 1964 and finishing with Gravity in 2013). If you could choose any film from the past to put on the cover, which would it be? And Why?
I can't say that this would be team LWLies' choice... but, because I'm the one answering the questions here I would unequivocally have to say FORREST GUMP. Why? Only because it's my favorite film of ALL TIME! I even have the best concept in mind. But I'll keep that a secret until the day this dream comes true.

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