An Interview With The New Yorker Creative Director Wyatt Mitchell

An Interview With The New Yorker Creative Director Wyatt Mitchell Thumbnail image for chipingym.jpg
Regular contributor (and all-round magazine legend!) Bob Newman spoke with The New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell for the new issue of Gym Class. Here's an extract from their conversation.

Bob: You've worked with some amazing creative directors: Florian Bachleda at Vibe and Scott Dadich at WIRED, to name just two. What lessons did you learn from them, and how were you able to apply that to your work?

Wyatt: Very simple. They are the two hardest-working people I've ever worked with. I learned a lot from them. Most importantly, I learned that exceptional work comes not only from talent, but also from working harder than everyone else. While it's a different type of design at The New Yorker, I'd like to think that I'm continuing that ethic and passing it on.

Bob: You're been redesigning The New Yorker slowly, starting with the front-of-the-book Goings On About Town section. What's your strategy for the overall redesign?

Wyatt: The New Yorker has one of the most devoted and loyal audiences. Part of that loyalty and devotion is to the look of the magazine. So I want to be incredibly careful with the redesign. I want to evolve the magazine without damaging the DNA of what makes it special.

Bob: Your job at The New Yorker is not just to art direct the magazine, but also to be the creative director for the publishing brand. What kind of work does this involve?

Wyatt: Beyond the printed pages of the magazine, it is being the brand steward for the digital editions (tablet and phone), the website, The New Yorker Festival, the desk diary, the calendars, the e-zines, the beach towels, the coffee mugs...

Read the whole Q&A in the new issue of Gym Class. Available to pre-order now. Reserve your copy over at the Gym Class website 

The new issue of Gym Class features a split run cover. The above limited edition cover, accompanying Robert's Q&A with Wyatt, is illustrated by Alexander Wells.
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