From the SPD Archives: Bob Guccione at the SPD Gala, 1979

From the SPD Archives: Bob Guccione at the SPD Gala, 1979 SPD50g.jpgThe keynote speaker at the SPD 14th Annual Design Awards Presentation was Bob Guccione, the creator and owner of Penthouse, Omni, Viva, and other publicatoins. The event was held on June 15, 1979, in the Tower Suite of the Time Life Building (tickets were $30!). Guccione was enthusiastically received as he regaled the audience with the story of his publishing history, including starting Penthouse in London in 1965.

"You can't put a lid on creativity," said Guccione. "If you're a designer, creating is not something you want to do--it's something you must do." According to one attendee's memory of the event, Guccione later went on to say "In order to fuck a buzzard, you have to play a buzzard's game."

See the list of the evening's award winners on the following page.

In addition to Guccione's keynote address, gold and silver medals and other awards were presented. The Jerome Snyder Best in Show award went to Audubon magazine and its art director Daniel J. McClain. The Marie Archer Service Award went to J.J. Hanson, publisher of Folio magazine.

Gold medals were awarded to:

Family in Distress, AD John DeCesare (overall design)
National Lampoon, AD Skip Johnston (single issue design)
Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, AD Stuart Silver (single issue design)
The New York Times, AD Jerelle Kraus (cover design)
Art Direction, AD Steven Weininger (cover design)
Audubon, AD Daniel J. McClain (story presentation design)
Playboy, AD Arthur Paul (single spread illustration)
The Lamp, AD Elton S. Robinson (story presentation illustration)
Rolling Stone, AD Roger Black (single spread photography)
New York, ADs Ellen Blissman/Ken Kendrick (story presentation photography)

The award winners were exhibited at the Publication Design Exhibit that opened with a lavish cocktail party on July 11.

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    Strangely, I'm not surprised Bob knew about the mating habits of buzzards!

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