From the SPD Archives: Publication Design News, 1975

From the SPD Archives: Publication Design News, 1975 SPD50g.jpgThe SPD newsletter in 1975 was titled Publication Design News, an eight-page, offset-printed, letter-sized edition. It featured a finely-tweaked logo in a very 1970s typeface, and ads on almost every page for artist reps, printers, typesetters, publications, and more. Publication Design News was created under the direction of SPD President Robert N. Essman, and art directed by Herbert M. Rosenthal, who was the Director of Graphics for Institutional Investor Systems, Inc. There's no month date on the newsletter, but based on the calendar items inside it was probably published in February or March.

This issue contains a healthy calendar of events, news about the annual SPD conference and design competition, commentary on the magazine industry, and much more. It's a fun read, and on the turn page we've got page scans of the entire issue.

Click on each page image below to see a larger-sized version.

PDN1a.jpegTHE FRONT PAGE story of Publication Design News was a recap of the January SPD luncheon, featuring advertising executive Al Ries.

PDN2.jpegPAGE 2 featured a calendar of upcoming events, including the May 23 SPD Publication Design Conference, held at the Time & LIfe Building. The keynote speaker was NBC News broadcaster Edwin Newman. Also note the ad for the very rare Publication Design Awards 1974 book.

PDN3.jpegPAGE 3 featured information on the SPD Publication Design Conference and the 10th Annual Publication Design Exhibition. Highlight of the morning session at the conference was to be a presentation of Time Inc.'s Videocomp, "a fully computerized typesetting system, generally recognized as the most advanced in the publishing industry."

PDN4.jpegPAGE 4 featured more calendar entries, plus a report on the 1975 SPD Editorial Design Awards. The ad is a notice for artist rep Daniele Deverin.

PDN5.jpegPAGE 5 listed the judges for the SPD 1975 Awards Show. Be sure to note the item on Edwin Newman, which contains the information that "current SPD President Bob Essman appeared on the Today Show to describe the competition and show a few winning entries."

PDN6.jpegPAGE 6 has a history of the American Society of Magazine Photographers and some background on their struggles to raise photographers' rates at various publications.

PDN7.jpegPAGE 7 Advertisements for Cardinal Type, "Film typesetters of this newsletter," and Wagner Photoprint, located in the Time & Life Building.

PDN8.jpegTHE LAST PAGE of the SPD newsletter highlighted the new Rapidometric DCS pen from Kohinoor, the makers of Rapidograph pens. There was also a ad from A.I. Friedman featuring a tie-in with SPD President Robert Essman.

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