Herb Lubalin's Saturday Evening Post

Herb Lubalin's Saturday Evening Post POST_ICON_BENSON.jpgBy Robin Benson / Editor, Past Print
You all know Herb Lubalin's magazine work: Eros, Fact, Avant Garde, u&lc. But how many remember his art direction for The Saturday Evening Post? In 1961 Curtis Publishing asked him to redo the logo and the inside pages. I loved his logo solution, as the magazine was really known as the Post, and what a brilliant idea to get rid of the other three words inside the O.
      The new look Post arrived with the September 16, 1961 issue with a clever Norman Rockwell cover painting of a designer working on the new logo (loosely based on a February 13, 1960 cover showing Rockwell, sitting at an easel and looking in a mirror while he painted  his portrait). The inside editorial pages were typical Lubalin-style illustrative typography -- have a look at the "Once Upon a Treasure Hunt" or "The Roping of Lefty"-- wonderful visual solutions. Lubalin didn't design all the Post pages; freelancer Arnold Varga did "The Diving Tree" and I believe Neil Fujita did some editorial pages.

Sadly the new look didn't click with conservative middle America and 38 copies later with the June 23, 1962 issue, the old logo and editorial design returned. This wasn't the end of Herb's work for the magazine though. In 1968 he redid the logo again but the Post was on it's last legs and it folded, as a weekly, with the February 8, 1969 edition.

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