GAME CHANGER: David Moretti, WIRED Italia

GAME CHANGER: David Moretti, WIRED Italia
David Moretti has been the Creative Director of WIRED Italia since it's launch in 2009. Using the U.S edition as a starting point, David has developed his own visual identity and his award-winning print and iPad designs have had a huge influence on many editorial and information graphics designers.

SPD is proud to host David on November 19 at the Helen Mills Theatre. He will show his work and talk about his collaboration with noted photographers, illustrators and information graphics designers to create kickass editorial design.

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Wednesday November 19th
The Helen Mills Theatre
137 West 26th Street
Doors open at 6:30 pm for seating.  

Presentation begins at 7:00pm

Here is a peek at some of the incredible work that the team at WIRED Italia is creating...


(translation: no future? don't talk shit to me)


(translation: sales or cats? an article about the founder of Groupon)


(translation: let's shut the web down)





(translation: the infodesign task force)


(the history of digital culture in Italy and Europe from 2008-2014)


WIRED 16.10_ETO'O-37.jpg

(an article on the genetic modification of insects)



Quotes from David Moretti:

"Ask not "how do we do this better?" Ask "how do we do this differently?"

"I truly believe in the social role of graphic design. Help your readers to understand complexity and then have an opinion on a specific matter."

"We've spent over a decade liberating paper from the idea that the digital 
would 'finally' kill the dinosaur."

"The future of apps is web-centric."

"When creating WIRED Italia we didn't look for a contemporary aesthetic, but for a contemporary magazine."
"We stayed away from any trend, but we became a trend by using a different kind of storytelling."

"The core of comprehension is the emotional core between your heart and your mind."

"Your team is King. So much is wasted in competition. So much is created in collaboration."

"Information tells "things in isolation". Communication connects and tells in relation to one another."

"We look for a community, not a readership."

Don't forget to get your tickets now for what promises to be a sold out event!


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