OH NO! Who's Taken Our Car?

OH NO! Who's Taken Our Car? NEWCOWLESSIGNER.jpg[A note from the SPD Grids Editors: This is the fourth in our ongoing series of Guest Editors on the Society of Publication Designers website. Andy Cowles is a creative director (Mademoiselle, Rolling Stone) and media consultant with an active blog and social media presence. His writings appear regularly in a variety of venues, and he's been a prominent voice in articulating the current state and future direction of magazine making. Andy will be driving the SPD car all this week, providing his tasty take on magazine design, art directors, content creation, reader engagement, and much more. But be careful! He tends to drive on the wrong side of the road... Many thanks to Andy for his hard work and generous contribution to the SPD site all this week!]

By Andy Cowles

My name is Andy Cowles, I'm an independent content consultant based in London. Currently consultant creative director for Ink Global; previous full time roles include Editorial Development Director for Time Inc. UK, Creative Director of Mademoiselle for Condé Nast, and Art Director of Rolling Stone for Jann Wenner.

Thanks SPD, for giving me the keys to the blog for the next five days. I intend to drive it like I stole it...

(Image courtesy of Braunstonetown Parish Council).

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