From the SPD Archives: Photographs from the Mag2000 Conference, Part 2, 1996

From the SPD Archives: Photographs from the Mag2000 Conference, Part 2, 1996 SPD50m.jpgFrom the SPD Archives recently highlighted the photographs of Steven Freeman taken at SPD's Mag2000 conference in Monterey, California, in early April 1996.

Organized by co-chairs Tom Bentkowski, design director of Life, and Roger Black of Roger Black, Inc., Mag2000 was an historic gathering of close to 300 art directors, designers, editors, and industry professionals. They gathered to hear an all-star collection of presentations from the likes of James Burke, Henry Wolf, Sam Antupit, Martha Stewart, Brendan Gill, Nigel Holmes, and an array of art directors including Gary Koepke, Fred Woodward, Will Hopkins, Mary K. Baumann, David Carson, and many other media luminaries.

Steven Freeman spent several days photographing participants in an improvised studio. The results include sparkling portraits of the cream of magazine art directors and other media mavens, circa 1996. There were so many great portraits that we've decided to run a second collection, this one featuring images of Lloyd Ziff, Mike Salisbury, John Plunkett, Jill Armus, Mary Kay Baumann, Will Hopkins, and more.

(Picture above: Mike Salisbury, creative director)

Mary Kay Baumann.jpgMary K. Baumann, Principal, Hopkins/Baumann*

Lloyd_Ziff.jpgLloyd Ziff creative director, photographer

John Plunkett.jpgJohn Plunkett, creative director, Wired

VeroniqueVienne.jpgVeronique Vienne, art director, editor, journalist

Will Hopkins.jpgWill Hopkins, Principal, Hopkins/Baumann

Steve Hoffman.jpgSteven Hoffman, creative director, Sports Illustrated

Sue Llewellyn_b.jpgSue Llewellyn, SPD Vice-President

JamesBurke.jpgJames Burke, author and host of Connections TV series

Michael Grossman Team.jpgSaveur and Garden Design creative director Michael Grossman "driving the bus" with his co-workers, left to right: Jill Armus, art director, Saveur; Carol Pagliuco; Amy Rosenfeld; Paul Roelofs, art director, Garden Design

* All titles and affiliations as of April 1996

See more of Steven Freeman's work on his website.

Follow Steven on Twitter and Instagram: @sfreemanphoto

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