A New Indie Mag for TV Lovers

A New Indie Mag for TV Lovers
Love magazines? Tick. Love television? Tick. Then new indie television magazine sixteenbynine might be perfect for you (plus, it looks ace). Gym Class's Steven Gregor spoke with the editor Cal King for SPD.

Congrats on the magazine, Cal. Why start a magazine about television?
Thanks! I've always had a slightly obsessive passion for both independent magazines and television (I've been known to demolish six-season boxsets in an obscenely short time), so it seemed like a fairly inevitable coming-together. I'd been watching the blossoming indie mag scene and waiting patiently for one about television to come along, but when that didn't happen I thought I'd test the waters with sixteenbynine 

What's your role on the magazine?
I'm the Editor, so with a little help... actually quite a lot of help... from Charlotte Sintrat (Associate Editor) and Emma Charleston (Design Advisor), I've spent the last nine months putting the whole thing together. I work in television for a living, but don't have a design or publishing background. So it's been a fairly steep learning curve. I remember the look on Emma's face when I told her I was designing the whole thing on an 11-inch MacBook. 

How many peeps work on the magazine? What do each of you do?
At the moment it's really just Charlotte and I. We spend quite a lot of our evenings and weekends working on it. Charlotte coming on board in the spring was a huge relief, as I'd started to discover just how much work publishing a magazine, even a pilot issue, can be. I continued sourcing content and laying it out, and Charlotte took over the day-to-day organisation, liaising with our printer and giving design notes. We're looking to expand for Issue two, and the dream is to have a small team working on the mag.

You ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the magazine. Is there money in the pot for more issues? If so, how regularly do you hope to publish?
There is! Not much, but anything left over will go into the Issue two coffers. The plan is to release twice a year, assuming it goes down well.

What's the editorial remit for the magazine? What's the perfect sixteenbynine article?
Tough question! I'm not sure about the perfect article, but there were two driving ideas behind the magazine: to focus on the shows worth watching (we're not really after snarky tear-downs); and, that in this era of Netflix and boxsets, older shows can still be relevant. Even if it was made in 1978, good television is still good television. I'd love sixteenbynine to introduce people to shows they might otherwise not have heard about. 

Who illustrated the cover of your first issue? Love it! What was the brief to the illustrator?
Harvey Dormer illustrated our cover, as well as a number of the pieces inside. He's fantastic. We were both massively chuffed with how the cover turned out. We had shared some ideas for a while, and decided that a show-specific cover might not be the right direction for issue one. I'd been hankering after an illustration that used the glow of a television screen, but the woodland scene was all Harvey. I'm not ashamed to admit that I did a bit of a squeal the first time I saw the bear.

sixteenbynine is available to purchase here: http://sixteenbynine.bigcartel.com

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