Do You Teach Design? Or Do Occasional Presentations? Know Any Design Students?

Thumbnail image for SPDU_Icon-Small.jpgMaybe you teach, maybe you have some great interns, or are still in contact with your past professors ... if you have any contact with students or college faculty, we here at SPD-U (our student group) could use your help with two of our spring programs:

We're looking to build our roster of speakers for upcoming student events, so whether you teach, do speaker presentations all the time, or simply want to start, we want to hear from you ... email us at

• Our second project this spring is our 2015 Student Design Competition. If you teach, we'd love for you to consider including the competition as part of your spring syllabus. If you know any design or journalism professors or students who are interested in magazine design, we'd greatly appreciate if you could encourage them to enter. Direct them to the info page here, or share our competition posts from our SPD-U Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

Thanks so much for your time and help as we try to support, educate and showcase the future of our industry.

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