From the SPD Archives: The First Publication Design Annual, 1975

From the SPD Archives: The First Publication Design Annual, 1975 SPD50m.jpgThis is where it all began: the very first SPD publication design annual, published in 1975. It was printed as a softcover book, with all black and white pages. SPD published two paperback design annuals before starting its series of hardbound editions with Publication Design 12 in 1978.

The book and cover design was by John Barban, The Cricket Press. Cover photo by Raeanne Rubenstein. Typography by Gerard Associates.

The competition chairs were Robert Herald, Hospital Practice; Ira Silberlicht, Emergency Medicine; John Barban, Golf Magazine; and Arline Campbell.

The judges:

Herbert Bleiweiss: art director, Ladies Home Journal
Frank Bowers: editor in chief, Fawcett Special Interest Magazines
Ray Carruthers: illustrator and former art director, Viva
Carol Carson: art director, Scholastic Magazine
Seymour Chwast: designer, Push Pin Studios
Jerry Demoney: art director, Seventeen
Byron Dobel: editor, New York
Otto Feurbringer: editor, Time-Life Magazine Development Group
Robert Herald: art director, Hospital Practice
David Kaestle: former art director, National Lampoon
Emma Landau: art director, American Heritage
Tom Lennon: associate art director, Emergency Medicine
Stan Mack: illustrator and former art director, The New York Times
Don Mennell: art director, Oui
Herb Migdoll: art director, Dance Magazine
Ken Munowitz: art director, Horizon
B. Martin Pederson
Herbert M. Rosenthal, director of graphics, Institutional Investor Systems
Eileen Schultz: art director, Good Housekeeping
Robert Sadler: art director, Astro Minerals
Eric Seidman: art director, The New York Times
J.C. Suares: illustrator and former art director, The New York Times
Chuck Tannen: publisher, N.Y. Business Magazine
Sinichuro Tora: art director, Popular Photography
Rochelle Udell: art director, Vogue
Richard Weigand: art director, Esquire

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