This Week: Guest Editor Jeremy Leslie of magCulture

This Week: Guest Editor Jeremy Leslie of magCulture LESLIE.jpg[A note for the SPD Grids Editors: The is the fifth in our ongoing series of Guest Editors on the Society of Publication Designers website. Jeremy Leslie is a designer, writer and curator. His London-based magCulture studio specializes in editorial design, with recent projects including the launch of design magazine Fiera, the redesign of wine magazine Noble Rot and the design direction of progressive publishing website Aeon. He is also creative director at Luxembourg's Maison Moderne.

His latest book on editorial design
The Modern Magazine was published in 2013, and the magCulture blog is a key source of editorial design opinion and news. He was co-chair of the 2012 SPD Awards, and co-hosted the awards dinner, aka the night Richard Turley dressed as a hotdog. You can follow Jeremy and magCulture on Twitter @magCulture. Many thanks to Jeremy for joining us on the site this week!]

By Jeremy Leslie

Happy 50th birthday SPD! It's a pleasure to be guest-editing the site this week, I'm looking forward to moving out of the familiar surroundings of the magCulture site and posting in a new environment.

To provide some structure to the week I'll be asking "Where do magazines come from?" This question arises because few if any of the big publishers are launching new magazines at present. Yet we receive several new magazines each week at magCulture.

I've identified five common sources for these new publications and will share one of these each day. There'll be plenty of images, some succinct text and plenty of links for you to discover more. I hope you'll see some things you've not seen before and that you'll end the week as excited and intrigued by the magazines as I am.

magCulture on Twitter: @magculture

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