Q: Why the 10 different genres?

A: Grouping magazines into distinct genres more accurately reflects the real-life competition that exists between magazines in our industry. For example, ESPN competes as a brand with Sports Illustrated, among others, and not with Glamour or Time. 

How were the genres determined?
SPD tabulated entries from past competitions to arrive at an equitable set of genres. The goal is to have a set of genres with a balanced number of entries.

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Why aren't there separate genres for topics such as Food or Sports?
There have not been enough Food or Sports publications that have entered past SPD competitions to warrant their own genre. Publications are now grouped together 
based on similar audiences and creative challenges.

Why the 13 identical categories?
We wanted to get 
back to basics with 
the categories.
So, the genres are the types of magazines, and the categories are the types of entries, right?
You got it!
Will medals be awarded in every category of every genre?
Medals will be awarded in every genre, but not necessarily in every category. Critical standards will be applied to every category, and only the best of the best will be awarded medals

May I submit a food story if I work at a fashion magazine?
Yes! Enter it within your genre (in this case, "Beauty & 
Fashion") in either the Design Story category or the Photo Story 
category or both.

I work at a magazine about antique basket weaving, but we really believe we're a general interest magazine with a focus on antique basket weaving.  
You should enter in Independent/Special Interest, and not in General Interest.

But it's ultimately up to me where we enter, right?
Yes, as long as it makes sense. For example, many magazines could claim to be both General Interest and Entertainment, so whichever genre they choose is up to them. But SPD reserves the right to reclassify titles if they enter in genres they clearly shouldn't enter in. For example: Cosmopolitan should not enter in Men's Interest. We acknowledge that certain magazines could be classified in multiple genres but in the interest of a fair competition we suggest you choose the one genre that best fits the magazine and the group to which you would normally be considered a part of.

I work at a General Interest magazine that sometimes produces stand-alone special issues that could fit into other genres like "Fashion" or "Home". Should I enter those issues in the "Fashion" 
or "Home" genres?
You shouldn't. You may only enter those issues within your genre for that part of the competition. However, you may enter those issues (or parts 
of them) in the Super 
8 categories which 
are not determined 
by genre.

May I enter multiple layouts in the same category?
Yes! You may enter as many entries, in as many categories (in your genre) that you would like. 

Find out more about Pub 50 and details on entering at spd.org/competitions
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