From the SPD Archives: A Volunteer Army Comic, 2008

From the SPD Archives: A Volunteer Army Comic, 2008 SPD50m2.jpgThe Spring 2008 edition of SPD's Grids newsletter featured a comic strip review of that year's Publication Design judging, as seen by the volunteers. A Volunteer Army was written by Tim Leong (who is currently design director of Entertainment Weekly and Vice-President of SPD) and illustrated by Koren Shadmi.

The cartoon features a look at volunteer fashion, the inability of art directors to fill out entry forms, and a visit to the after-judging party. (Click on the image below to see it full-size).

This judging for Publication Design 50 takes place this weekend, February 6-8, at F.I.T. in New York City, led by co-chairs Florian Bachleda (creative director, Fast Company) and Fred Woodward (design director, GQ).

Grids Spring 2008 Pub43a.jpg(Click on image to see full size)

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