When Cartoonists Illustrate! Part 6: Tom Tomorrow

When Cartoonists Illustrate! Part 6: Tom Tomorrow SUTTONSIGNER.jpgBy Ward Sutton

When Cartoonists Illustrate! There's often a line drawn between cartoonists and illustrators. All this week, I'm profiling talented people known for their cartooning and showing their work in an illustration context.

Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins), creator of the weekly syndicated political cartoon This Modern World, is the 2013 winner of the Herblock Prize and a 2015 Society of Illustrators Silver Medal recipient.

WARD SUTTON: How do you like illustrating compared to cartooning?

TOM TOMORROW: I prefer cartooning! The thing that interested me about this art form from a very early age was the interplay between words and pictures. I approach it as a writer, as well as an artist.

2Tomorrow.jpgWARD SUTTON: Do you actively look for illustration work?

TOM TOMORROW: I honestly don't. Occasionally an interesting project falls in my lap, like a book cover or the album art and packaging I designed for Pearl Jam. But in general, I'm pretty busy researching, writing, and drawing my cartoon every week, as well as taking care of all the pesky details that a sole proprietor has to deal with.

WARD SUTTON: Have you illustrated, or would you illustrate, cartoons that others write?

TOM TOMORROW: I'm always open to collaboration but I probably wouldn't want to illustrate something I didn't have a hand in writing.

WARD SUTTON: Do you have a dream illustration gig?

TOM TOMORROW: Obviously I'd love to do a cover for The New Yorker--me and every other illustrator currently alive!

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

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