When Cartoonists Illustrate! Part 7: Lalo Alcaraz

When Cartoonists Illustrate! Part 7: Lalo Alcaraz SUTTONSIGNER.jpgBy Ward Sutton

When Cartoonists Illustrate! There's often a line drawn between cartoonists and illustrators. All this week, I'm profiling talented people known for their cartooning and showing their work in an illustration context.

Lalo Alcaraz does the nationally syndicated daily comic strip La Cucaracha and a writer on the upcoming animated Fox TV show Bordertown, but is a cranky editorial cartoonist at heart.

WARD SUTTON: How do you like illustrating compared to cartooning?

LALO ALCARAZ: I like 'em both plenty. I think I approach each in the same way, since my editorial cartoons tend to be blunt and bold, my illustrations end up the same. I think illustration leaves me a bit more freedom to leave questions unanswered.

2Lalo.jpgWARD SUTTON: Do you actively look for illustration work?

LALO ALCARAZ: No, not really. I am offered gigs once in a while, which is a great schedule for me. I have plenty of comics to do each week, plus the occasional "hired gun" editorial illustration for some of my left wing commie patrons.

WARD SUTTON: Have you illustrated, or would you illustrate, cartoons that others write?

LALO ALCARAZ: I have done two books of graphic novel history, and that's how we did it. I worked with an academic author. I also massaged the text when needed, and the author was always open to my suggestions.

WARD SUTTON: Do you have a dream illustration gig?

LALO ALCARAZ: I would love to do a New Yorker cover. Their best covers are just good editorial cartoons. I can do that, do it every week. CALL ME, NEW YORKER.

Lalo Alcaraz Website
Lalo Alcaraz: La Cucaracha

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