When Cartoonists Illustrate! Part 8: Matt Bors

When Cartoonists Illustrate! Part 8: Matt Bors SUTTONSIGNER.jpgBy Ward Sutton

When Cartoonists Illustrate! There's often a line drawn between cartoonists and illustrators. All this week, I'm profiling talented people known for their cartooning and showing their work in an illustration context.

Matt Bors, political cartoonist and editor of The Nib on Medium.com

WARD SUTTON: How do you like illustrating compared to cartooning?

MATT BORS: I enjoy taking a break from having to write out an argument in a political cartoon, spread out with an illustration, and be creative in a different way. Usually the money's better.

2Bors.jpgWARD SUTTON: Do you actively look for illustration work?

Not anymore because I have a full time job running The Nib, but I spent the last decade hunting down every freelance illustration job I could. The reason I was able to make a career in comics work is the money from illustration jobs that kept me afloat. In the mid-2000s I was doing work for alt weeklies just around the clock and wouldn't turn down any gig. I must have drawn a cover for every alt weekly in the country in 2006.

WARD SUTTON: Have you illustrated, or would you illustrate, cartoons that others write?

I have, I did, I'd be open to doing it again. The biggest example of this would be the graphic novel War Is Boring, which I drew and was written by David Axe. That was fun, but to do anything of that size again I think I'd have to write it.

WARD SUTTON: Do you have a dream illustration gig?

Album art, of course. Somehow that one never landed on my desk.
Matt Bors Website
The Nib at Medium.com

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