SPD 50 Redesign of the Year Medal Finalists

SPD 50 Redesign of the Year Medal Finalists On May 1 at the 50th Anniversary SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Super 8 Redesign medals. Over the next two weeks we'll be running previews of other medal finalists, building up to the big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow @SPDTweets on Twitter at #SPD50.

The medal finalists for the Super 8 Redesign are: Afar, Billboard, Consumer Reports, Golf Digest, New York Observer, and Self.

See the finalists on the turn page.

Afar web.jpgAfar: Creative Director: Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, Art Director: Jason Seldon, Director of Photography: Tara Guertin.

Billboard web.jpg
Billboard: Creative Director: Shanti Marlar, Design Director: Nicole Tereza, Art Director: Gabriella Zappia, Senior Associate Art Directors: Patrick Crowley, Chris Elsemore, Associate Art Directors: Emily Johnson, Scott Wells, Senior Designer: Ashley Smestad VĂ©lez, Art Production Manager: Dan Skelton, Deputy Art Production Manager: Mike Vukobratovich, Art Production Associate: James Morgan, Photo and Video Director: Jennifer Laski, Deputy Photo Editor: Jenny Sargent, Photo Editors: Amelia Halverson, Samantha Xu, Associate Photo Editor: Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez, Assistant Photo Editor: Laura Tucker, Photo Assistant: Julie Borowsky, Photo Editor-At-Large: Carrie Smith, Photographers: Miller Mobly, David McClister.

consumer Reports web.jpg
Consumer Reports: Creative Director: Tim LaPalme, Consulting Creative Directors: Kevin Brainard, Cybele Grandjean, Consulting Photo Director: Mary Cahill, Designers: Kevin Brainard, Cybele Grandjean, Studio: Area of Practice, Editor in Chief: Ellen Kampinsky, Photographers: Benjamin Bouchet, Grant Cornett, Wayne Lawrence, Andrew B. Myers, Illustrators: Raul Aguila, Evan Applegate, Brownbird Design, Kesley Dake, Na Kim, Oliver Munday, Paul Sahre.

Golf Digest web.jpgGolf Digest: Creative Director: Ken DeLago, Art Director: Luke Hayman, Designers: Rami Moghadam, Luke Hayman, Director of Photography: Christian Iooss, Photographer: Peter Lang.

NY Observer rule.jpgNew York Observer: Creative Director: Lauren Draper, Senior Designers: Jane Migliore, Mark Stinson, Photo Director: Emily Assiran, Cover illustrator: Philip Burke, Photographer: Chris Crisman, Production Director: Lisa Medchill, Redesign firm: Triboro.

Self web.jpg
Self: Creative Director: Barbara Reyes, Deputy Art Director: Becky Eaton, Associate Art Director: Jessica Sokol Monaco, Senior Designer: Tova Diamond, Photo Director: Mariel Osborn, Senior Photo Editor: Michele Ervin, Photo Assistant: Madeleine Boardman, Art Assistant: Katelyn Baker, Art Director: Kirsten Hilgendorf, Assistant Photo Editor: Arielle Lhotan, Contributing Designer: Robert Festino, Photo Editor: Emily Rosser.

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