SPD 50: Website of the Year Medal Finalists

SPD 50: Website of the Year Medal Finalists On May 1 at the 50th Anniversary SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Website of the Year. Over the next two weeks we'll be running previews of other medal finalists, building up to the big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow @SPDTweets on Twitter with #SPD50.

The medal finalists for Website of the Year are: Bon Appetit, Matter, Nautilus, and The New Yorker.

See the finalists on the turn page.

SPD Super8 Website2.jpgBon Appetit: Creative Director: Alexander Grossman, Digital Art Director: Alicia Brooks, Photo Director: Alexandra Pollack, Photographer: Alex Lau, Tablet Designer: Corey Marsey.

SPD Super8 Website3.jpgMatter: Art Director: Erich Nagler, Assistant Art Director: Devin Washburn.

SPD Super8 Website4.jpgNautilus: Art Director: Len Small, Senior Designer: Nick Garber, Site Design and Development: Code and Theory Consulting, Designer: Francesco Izzo, Design and Creative Consultant: Point Five Design.

SPD Super8 Website5.jpgThe New Yorker: Creative Director: Wyatt Mitchell, Design Director: Chris Mueller, Art Directors: Oneil Edwards, Jordan Awan, Chris Curry, Designers: Deanna Donegan, Katie Long, Art Associate: Sarah Lloyd, Director of Photography: Whitney Johnson, Senior Photo Editors: Siobhan Bohnacker, Genevieve Fussell, Special Projects Photo Editor: Amy Connors, Associate Photo Editor: Thea Traff, Digital Photo Editors: Jehan Jillani, Jackson Krule, Photo Editor: Jessie Wender.

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