A Fresh New Look For Parents Magazine

A Fresh New Look For Parents Magazine
SPD recently spoke with the staff of Parents Magazine about the process of creating their new redesign and the visual changes in store for readers.   Take a look at some of the pages from the new magazine after the jump.

Parents Magazine has been a trusted brand for over 85 years. We provide expert advice in the latest in kids' health and safety news, nutrition, crafts, beauty, healthy recipes, advice for moms, plus a little laugh (because being a parent requires a sense of humor). Since our last redesign in 2011, much had changed in the landscape of media and social media; The Millennials are now in the life stage of getting married and having babies (perhaps not even in that order!) And we wanted to speak to them in a visual language that made sense to them. Parents already delivers friendly, authoritative and useful content to people navigating the ups and downs of parenthood. We wanted to create a consistent, clean, modern look that stood apart from the (often) busy creative of ads, and helped the reader have better experience navigating through our pages.

The Process:
Agnethe Glatved (Creative Director) collaborated and brainstormed the new look and feel of the magazine with Debra Bishop, who was the design consultant on this project. Inspiration was pulled from many sources like parenting blogs and websites, with an eye toward modern simplicity and order from classic Paul Rand to IKEA.  Some things that rose to the top were: the need for more consistent white space, a new, modern font that could work for all headlines, more structure, and elevated photography.  Dana Points (EIC), Agnethe, Debra, Emily Furlani (Art Director) and Lily Alt (Photo Director) held several meetings and discussions to narrow down the overall big-picture new look. Once the basic prototype was approved, Deb worked with the design team at Parents to establish new visual guidelines that were put into practice and evolved as the actual first couple of issues went into production. 

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Some things that helped define our new look would be: a bolder, tighter color palette that is based on primaries; circles and dots as key elements that weave through the magazine; use of arrows; increasing white space; big, playful numbers; cleaner section openers; hairline rules to anchor the type (and provide a structure to the pages); and a fresh look on photography.


The Photography:
The cleaner look of the magazine allows the photography to come forward more.  The photography is encouraged to be more spontaneous, more realistic, and yet clean and playful. We want the mom to see herself (or the self she wishes to be) in our pages. 

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    What new font are they using?

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