Printing on Paper Never Looked So Cool

Printing on Paper Never Looked So Cool Perhaps you've already seen mentions of this, but thanks to the efforts of Steven Heller, Reto Caduff, Lars Muller and Designers & Books, they are re-releasing one of the most beautiful and revered books ever published on graphic design and data viz ... Visual Design in Action, by Ladislav Sutnar.

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Suntar1.pngAs Steve Heller wrote in a 1994 article in Eye magazine, "Ladislav Sutnar was a progenitor of the current practice of information graphics, the lighter of a torch that is carried today by Edward Tufte and Richard Saul Wurman, among others." And bonus points to anyone who knows that it's Sutnar who first came up with the idea of designing 2-page spreads in magazines!

Out of print for over 40 years, Sutnar wrote AND designed Visual Design in Action and actually had to pay for the original print run himself because his production specs were so challenging ... we're talking 4 different paper types, 10 PMS colors, and all the copy in italics to "intensify ideas" among other details.


Amazingly, this new release will be a perfect reprint, though the group behind it could use your help! Contribute to their Kickstarter campaign and you could get your very own copy of the new Visual Design in Action as well as lots of other thank you gifts ... including a new offer giving you tickets to a Gallery Talk and Reception at the Swann Galleries on July 30 in NYC to discuss Sutnar and his work and influence.

Check out more amazing images from the book on the Kickstarter page and help recreate an amazing part of design history.
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