Washingtonian Covers by Creative Director Michael Goesele

Washingtonian Covers by Creative Director Michael Goesele Michael Goesele has been the creative director of regional magazine Washingtonian for the past four years. During that time he crafted a bright, engaging, energetic visual identity for the magazine, utilizing lots of bold imagery and creative typography.

Michael recently left his post at Washingtonian to move on to other projects, and SPD asked him to select 10 of his favorite covers.

"These covers reflect our desire to make our readers smile and get excited," says Michael. "We wanted to surprise them every month when they reached into their mailboxes or walked by the newsstand."

You can see much more of Michael's cool work at Washingtonian on his website.

(Above): Washingtonian, February 2012. Photo-illustration: Jesse Lenz.

3_May2013.jpgWashingtonian, May 2013. Chalk illustration: Jeff Nelson. Behind the scenes making-of video here.

4_July2013.jpgWashingtonian, July 2013. Photo-illustration: Justin Metz.

5_Sept2013.jpgWashingtonian, September 2013. Illustration: Alli Arnold, photograph: Christophe Kutner/Trunk Archive.

6_Dec2013.jpgWashingtonian, December 2013. Photo-illustration: Peter Crowther.

8_June2014.jpgWashingtonian, June 2014. Photo-illustration: Scott Suchman, hand lettering: Lauren Hom.

13_Feb2015.jpgWashingtonian, February 2015. Photographs: Douglas Sonders, hand lettering: Andy Smith.

7_May2014.jpgWashingtonian, May 2014. Photo-illustration: Emily Von Frange, hand lettering: Jill De Haan.

12_Jan2015.jpgWashingtonian, January 2015. Photograph: Scott Suchman, hand lettering: Lauren Hom.

9_July2014.jpgWashingtonian, July 2014. Photo-illustration: CJ Burton, hand lettering: Lauren Hom.

Michael Goesele website and portfolio.

Follow Michael Goesele on Instagram: @mgoesele
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