Letter from the New President

We're in the doldrums of Summer, but that doesn't mean we're not busy here at SPD HQ. The new slate of enthusiastic board members have been elected and are already hard at work at finding more ways to make SPD a stronger organization.

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I'd like to thank our outgoing president, Brian Anstey, for a tremendous year. He's not one to brag, so allow me. Under his guidance SPD successfully celebrated its 50th anniversary, he worked with our marvelous co-chairs Fred Woodward and Florian Bachleda to reform the contest structure to be more open and inclusive, and carried out a litany of behind-the-scenes work that has made SPD more financially secure and more member-friendly. He's the ultimate professional and leaves incredibly big shoes to fill. So here goes. I wanted to start sharing some of the great stuff we've got in the hopper.

SPD's speaker series has really flourished this past year. The "For the Love of New York Magazine" talk was just incredible, right? The team is already hard at work at planning even more talks and events. Stay tuned! But we also wanted to ask you: Are there any speakers or teams that you'd love to hear from? 

• Later this year we will be unveiling a new redesign for SPD.org. It'll be faster, easier to use, and optimized for today's web. 

• The Pub 49 annual is here! I'm sure you were wondering about that, right? Well, we have the books, and they're in the process of being mailed out right now. Designed by the incredibly talented David Moretti, they cover the best work of 2013 and are still available for purchase. And, speaking of annuals, I'm excited to announce that this year's (!) Pub 50 annual will be in your hands this December. That is not a typo. They're designed by the fantastic Anton Ioukhnovets and they look just as great as you'd expect. Also, we've expedited the production process; you'll get them this Winter.

• One new addition I'm eager to tell you about is that we're going to be launching a weekly SPD newsletter to keep you informed. It will include all the latest news in magazine design and photography. Coming soon!

• No update on SPD would be complete without calling out our Executive Director, Keisha Dean, who is the glue that holds this organization together. Thank you, Keisha, for all of your incredibly hard work behind the scenes. 

• I'd also like to give a special shoutout to Leah Bailey. Leah is SPD's treasurer (and Money Magazine's Deputy Art Director) and has been operating at an A+ level these past two years. Her contributions have been incalculable--and we all at SPD are more than grateful.

It's an honor to lead this organization for the next year because SPD gave me my professional start. I've heard about jobs while at SPD functions, met future employers and employees at SPD galas, and hired some extremely talented SPD Student Winners as interns. SPD is a community, a support group, a place of extraordinary ideas, discovery, and advancement. This year SPD will forge new relationships with members and strengthen the connections that already exist. SPD has been very good to me, so I'm thrilled to give back. 

Finally, if you have any ideas about making SPD a better organization or things you'd like to see, please let me know.

Your new president,
Tim Leong
Design Director of Entertainment Weekly
tim.leong [at] ew.com

Tim Leong, Design Director, Entertainment Weekly

David Curcuito, Design Director, Esquire
Allyson Torisi, Director of Photography, Popular Mechanics

Peter Hemmel, Design Director, Woman's Day

Leah Bailey, Deputy Art Director, Money

Thomas Alberty, Design Director, New York Magazine
Clinton Cargill, Director of Photography, Bloomberg Businesweek & Bloomberg Pursuits
Kristina DiMatteo, Design Director, Content Development at CondeNast
Ian Doherty, Art Director, Food Network Magazine
Rachel Gogel, Creative Director, T Brand Studio at The New York Times
Cybele Grandjean, Partner, Area of Practice
Anton Ioukhnovets, Creative Director, Ioukhnovets Design
Abbey Kuster-Prokell, Design Director, Real Simple
Melanie McLaughlin, Creative Director, Collide Brand Consultants
James Reyman, Principal, James Reyman Studio
Rebecca Simpson-Steele, Photo Director, Reader's Digest

Executive Director
Keisha Dean, All-Star Extraordinaire

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