New York / Los Angeles: 2 Volume Book Set Through Lloyd Ziff's Unique Eye

When Lloyd Ziff decided to take on photography as his career, he already had decades of work under his belt. He had been shooting since the late 1960s as a hobby, and his new track in the early 2000s was engendered by a huge amount of experience and deep archive. His previous jobs at Vanity Fair, House & Garden, Condé Nast Traveler, and Rolling Stone had helped shape his eye and form the way he saw and experienced the world in his travels. When he was working on album covers he had the chance to work with Lee Friedlander who told him something that has stuck with him to this day: "There's pictures everywhere, your job is to find them." Now, Lloyd is releasing a twin pair of books that feature his work from Los Angeles and New York. Lloyd studied his craft in New York, and in many ways it's a hometown. Juxtaposed against his images from Los Angeles, the essence of each city is vibrant and unique. Lloyd is still in the process of finishing up "New York / Los Angeles," and anyone can help by preordering them through Kickstarter. As he says in the video for the campaign, "It's thrilling to me that these pictures will soon, I hope, be out in the world and I can share my vision." Taking Friedlander's advice, Lloyd did find pictures everywhere. Each turned page shows a new era, a new age, a new neighborhood in these sprawling cities. They're the impossible yearbooks of people who could not be reduced but are concentrated between the covers of the books. 

To preorder one or both of "New York / Los Angeles," pledge to the Kickstarter campaign here. View more of Lloyd's work on Gallery Stock.

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