Five Questions for: Todd Weinberger, Art Director

Ever looked at a magazine's masthead and wondered just what do all those job titles actually mean? What does a photo producer actually do? Does a deputy art director get a shiny badge? And why are some people creative directors and others design directors?  Read on to find out what being an Art Director is like for Todd Weinberger. 

About the Pro

Todd Weinberger
Art Director
Employer: Men's Journal
Education: Washington University in St. Louis, BFA, Graphic Design


What's the biggest challenge you've had to deal with at your current title?

I came from a smaller publication where we could push the boundaries with photography and design and our production system was much more streamlined. In this job I've had to adapt to a publication with a longer and more established brand identity, larger corporate culture, and a much larger staff.


Favorite thing about your job?

I love working with a smart, talented team on both the art and editorial sides. Men's Journal also has a lot of content that's right up my alley considering I love to travel and we feature a ton of travel in every issue. I also get great fitness and health advice from our experts, as well as insight to the newest and coolest gadgets, gear and tech. He who dies with the most toys wins!

3. Least favorite thing about your job? 

Our readers love our brand so much that its hard to be experimental without alienating our audience. It may be my least favorite thing, but its also a creative challenge that I embrace.

4. Who at your magazine (what position) makes your life easier/better that most people wouldn't think of? 

My Betta Fish and mascot, Swim Riggins, has helped me adapt to the corporate cubicle life, keeps me company all day, and can be extremely critical of my typography.

5. What's your time line from getting handed a story to closing the page? 

We have a pretty tight production schedule: I get an assignment about 4/5 weeks out from our closing date, we shoot photography within 2 weeks of that, and I place copy a week later. During this time I'm working on mock layouts with dummy copy.

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