The Say Their Name Campaign Kickstarter

The Say Their Name Campaign Kickstarter

Fast Company designer and SPD volunteer, Leslie Xia, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign called the "Say Their Name" project

Inspired by the #SayTheirName hashtag that has been viral online, Xia and the other designers used design as a creative outlet to bring the movement offline via stickers. The campaign is "a project to cover the streets of NYC and other major cities with stickers of the names of the lives lost to police brutality." The project highlights victim's names including Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, and Tamir Rice.

The Kickstarter gained momentum when it was listed as one of Kickstarter's "Projects We Love" and backed by the CEO and cofounder of Kickstarter, Yancey Strickler. It was fully funded 4 days after the Kickstarter campaign went live and has continued to gain support. On July 28, 2016, it was Kickstarter's Project of the Day.

With over 200 backers so far and only five days left in the Kickstarter, we spoke to Leslie Xia about the project.

Read on to see pictures of the designers involved in the project, as well as some of the stickers in the campaign and our interview with Leslie:

  • Boya Sun
    Boya Sun
  • Chelsea Lozano
    Chelsea Lozano
  • Kaita Niwa
    Kaita Niwa
  • Heather Abbott
    Heather Abbott
  • Morel Doucet
    Morel Doucet
  • N'Deye Diakhate
    N'Deye Diakhate
  • Precious Blake
    Precious Blake
  • David Haas
    David Haas
  • Suldano Abdiruhman
    Suldano Abdiruhman
  • Martin Gee
    Martin Gee
  • Sean-Kierre Lyons
    Sean-Kierre Lyons
  • Hauen Ro
    Hauen Ro
  • Luisa Rodriguez
    Luisa Rodriguez
  • Caroline Xia
    Caroline Xia
  • Yael Talleyrand
    Yael Talleyrand

1. What motivated you to start this project?

The main catalyst for this project was the need for change in a society where racial profiling is prevalent in our justice system and lives are lost but the trigger fingers are let off with a slap on the wrist.

After the loss of Philando [Castile] and Alton [Sterling] I was in a state of shock. I felt like it was my civic duty to do something and design was the best outlet for me to do so. Design is powerful because of the way it can spread messages and engage many people. Previously, I had already done a series of stickers that said "Black Lives Matter" and "Build Kindness Not Walls", and I felt like stickers were the best and most versatile medium.  I see stickers as a method of subtle subversion and disruption, a way to inject messages into environments in a non confrontational way and serve as a catalyst for reflection and conversation. Another major influence was the #SayTheirName hashtag circulating online and in social media, this project is a physical manifestation of this movement.I am hoping these stickers, when separate from the violent news headlines and media vitriol, will serve as a way for people to see the name, say the name and remember these individuals not as victims but remind them of the humanity behind each figure. 

2. Tell us about the other artists involved in designing these stickers.

All of the artists involved in this project are POC and a majority of them are students or alumni from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Several of them are affiliated or involved with organizations and collectives that create work solely about black identity, asian identity, gender identity and equality. They are all very passionate about the work they create and very aware of the ever present issue of appropriating themes of black identity, anti-blackness, and black trauma, not just in the art world but society in general.


You can learn more about each of the designers at our website:

3. What happens if you surpass your goal of $2,500?

The sole focus of the project is the stickers and getting the stickers on as many walls as we can. So, once we pass that goal we'll have more funds to commission more designers to create more pieces and also print even more stickers. Right now we're aiming to distribute 10,000 stickers but we can do so much more.

Designed by Yael Talleyrand

Designed by Luisa Rodriguez


Designed by N'Deye Diakhate

Designed by Martin Gee


Designed by Caroline Xia

Designed by Leslie Xia

To see more stickers and to support the Kickstarter: click here
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