Holiday Inspiration from Members pt 2

More of SPD's Foodies are checking in !

Cooking Light's, Creative Director, Rachel Lasserren shares  photos of her Thanksgiving preparation :


Cooking Light's Thanksgiving Cookbook, The How-To Edition, from our November issue. Fifty pages of step-by-step guides on mastering the essentials and knowing when and how to riff. We cover it all, from planning the menu to divvying up leftovers. 


After months and months of planning for Thanksgiving, I like to keep it simple. My favorite thing to make and eat is a recipe from Gourmet magazine, Cranberry Orange Relish. It's so easy. You throw orange supremes, chopped apples, cranberries, and allspice in a food processor until coarsely chopped and then add some sugar if needed. That's it! There is no cooking and the freshness and tartness provides much needed relief from a day of overindulging. 

Rachel Lasserre
Creative Director
Cooking Light 

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