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Rare Specimen No. 2 Crown Jewels

Rare Specimen No. 2
Crown Jewels

As part of this year's PUB 45 celebration of great, inspiring work, we're asking people to share some of their personal inspirations with all of us. Our second entry in the Rare Specimen catalogue comes from Gail Anderson, who shares about a (dangerous) collection. For Gail's take on these small treasures, keep reading... … MORE
Medal Finalists Announced: Rare Specimen Samples of PUB 45

Medal Finalists Announced:
Rare Specimen Samples of PUB 45

The results of a great judging weekend? A fantastic selection of medal finalists, with competition so tight that in a very few instances, there are ties that can't be broken: Gold and Silver Medals from the following list of Medal Finalists, will be announced at the SPD Gala on Friday, May 7th, and in some categories, two Silvers or two Golds. (It's one exceptional specimen after another, people!) Read on for a full list of finalists... … MORE
PUB 45's Magazine of the Year Sweet 16

PUB 45's Magazine of the Year Sweet 16

As we get ready to announce the PUB 45 Medal Finalists on Friday, we thought we'd open the doors a little and share some early results from the judging weekend, the top 16 magazines from the Magazine of the Year judging: … MORE
Rare Specimens Dissected

Rare Specimens Dissected

We had an incredible time at FIT last weekend reviewing, probing, considering and being inspired by all the Pub 45 entries this year. Thank you entrants for sharing your best work of '09 with us. And thank you esteemed judges for giving so willingly of your time to cull the entries and help us divine those Rarest of Specimens. This year's Gala on May 7th will no doubt be a memorable and festive one.

Special thanks to Glenn Glasser for documenting the weekend AND for providing all variety of confections to keep us juiced! View some behind the scenes photos and judges portraits here.

Sincerest thanks!
Casey Tierney & Deb Bishop

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