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SPD GALA: Honoring the Rarest Specimen

SPD GALA: Honoring the Rarest Specimen

Please join us on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at Cipriani Wall Street as SPD honors the PUB 45 Merit Winners and Medal Finalists of 2009, awards Gold and Silver Medals along with the Gold Medals for Members' Choice and the Magazine of the Year, looks back on 45 years of amazing, inspiring, mind-blowingly awesome work (work so good we just invented the word 'mind-blowingly'), looks forward to what's coming, and just generally celebrates the great people (SPD members!) who make this our greatest night of the year. You, great person? Should be there.

Invitations are in the mail, but for those who remember that tickets, and seating, are assigned on a first-RSVP, first-preference basis, download invitations and RSVP cards here, or buy tickets after the jump...
Rare Specimen No. 5  Blue Note LP Covers

Rare Specimen No. 5
Blue Note LP Covers

As part of this year's Pub 45 celebration of great work, we're asking people to share some of their personal inspirations with us. Our fifth entry in the Rare Specimens collection comes from Robert Newman, who shares his love for the classic album cover designs of Blue Note Records after the jump...
Rare Specimen No. 4Flickr Flow

Rare Specimen No. 4
Flickr Flow

With The SPD Digital Competition right around the corner, I thought I'd share a Rare Specimen that bridges print and online: Flickr Flow---an experiment whose materials are color and time.

Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg used this technique in a March 2009 Boston magazine piece, called "Flickr of Hope."
Rare Specimen No. 3  Matilde Montanari

Rare Specimen No. 3
Matilde Montanari

Fellow Photo Editors,

How many email promos, entreaties, introductions and newsletters do you receive on a daily basis from photographers? 15? 37 maybe? Endless right? We love (insert big hearts here) photographers. Our life's work is to exalt their merits, support their every creative whim and beg to give them proper budgets. However, these blind solicitations we receive rarely ever surprise or even come close to exciting our core sensibilities.  That is until a couple months ago when I received an email from one Matilde Montanari...

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