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SPD GALA 45: Final Day to RSVP

SPD GALA 45: Final Day to RSVP

Today is the deadline to RSVP for SPD's fabulous 45th Anniversary Gala. Need a copy of that gorgeous invite and RSVP card? Download them here. Or just click the button below to do it all so easily online. Either way, you'll be ready to celebrate the best of 2009 with the best of 2010, and have the most memorable night yet. (Not to mention, the wonder that is celebrating at our beloved Cip's.)
Register for SPD 45th ANNUAL AWARDS GALA, May 7, 2010 in New York, 
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Rare Specimen No. 8
Beauty Solutions

Stephen Sullivan, freelance photographer, was a guest speaker at SPD's March [Design] Madness. He told us he was the "go-to guy," the "trouble shooter," always called in when they need a pinch hitter who works best under duress. Imagine: the celebrity with only 10 minutes to spare, or the store space that's still under construction but had to become some beautiful backdrop, or the 37 stills to shoot in an 8 hour day...… MORE
Rare Specimen No. 7 Megan Caponetto

Rare Specimen No. 7
Megan Caponetto

"We're going to need to call Megan for this."
That comes up often here at Men's Health, as it did at Best Life whenever brainstorming sessions produced a potentially cool (crazy?) idea...that we had no idea how on God's green Earth it could be done...and we knew Megan would make it a much better idea than we could have ever imagined. You know the saying: "You get what you put in front of the camera"? Megan always seems to put genius in front of it. Enjoy some samples after the jump you may or may not have seen! (And yep...that's her in the film sowing her wild...corn)...… MORE
Rare Specimen No 6 Folks who act on their stupid, brilliant weed-infused day dreams

Rare Specimen No 6
Folks who act on their stupid, brilliant weed-infused day dreams

Once I hit the beaches of Mexico, I'll finally possess the time required to fully obsess over the mad genius of this precious little paperback limited edition of If Drawings Were Photographs by Rob Matthews and Tom Edwards. A gentle little sparkle of a collaboration described in the front page only as "Tom gave drawings to Rob and Rob tried to make them into photographs", my #225/500 edition arrived in the mail from the UK today and has since consumed me with thoughts of how I can quit my job and just pursue all my absurdist fantasy art projects and make thoughtful little books documenting each and every one of them.  But I just took a peek at my dormant 401k and snapped right back into tightly kerning the words FLAT ABS FAST for the 2 millionth time, right... where... I... belong. Sigh. … MORE

"The Cipriani's Experience"

Deb Bishop and I, along with a few Pub 45 pals, wandered down south yesterday for a tasting at Cipriani's Wall Street in preparation for the Gala. We blocked out an hour from our schedules and expected to sample a few bites back in a sweaty kitchen where we'd make decision like, "Chicken or beef?" We were oh so wrong. We arrived and were promptly escorted to a private dining room with lovely place settings for us, chilled Bellinis waiting (part of "the Cipriani's experience" we're told) and each adorned with 6 varietals of wine to consider.  A parade of delicious plates ensued, each dish more amazing than the one before. And 2 1/2 hours later (sorry, Real Simple!) we found ourselves stuffed, sated and, well, a bit sauced. But also convinced that choosing Chips (as we now call it) for this year's Gala may just be the best decision we made all year.

The menu choices will remain a surprise but we hope you'll join us May 7th so you too can get "the Cipriani's Experience"...SPD style! You should RSVP HERE.

photography by David Prince

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