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Great illustrated covers from the Santa Fe Reporter

Great illustrated covers from the Santa Fe Reporter

The Santa Fe Reporter is an alternative newsweekly in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The cover designer is Angela Moore, who has been working there since 2003. Formerly the art director, she now works from home doing just the Reporter covers. An editorial illustrator who lived and worked in New York, she draws on that experience to hire great illustrators for the paper's covers. The Reporter has an editorial budget for an entire issue that is less than what most national magazines pay for a spot illustration, and to stay on budget Moore has to create at least one free cover a month. Still, she has managed to turn the Santa Fe Reporter into one of the best venues for illustration in the country, a publication filled with creative and imaginative imagery. 

Moore has a great love for poster design, and it shows. Her covers are mini-posters, bold, pointed illustrations with complimentary type. At the same time they work brilliantly as engaging, timely covers, designed to drive circulation and appeal to the Reporter's readership.

Angela Moore's website here.

(Above): October 22, 2008, illustration by Eddie Guy.

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