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The Village Voice covers of Ivylise Simones

The Village Voice covers of Ivylise Simones

Ivylise Simones was the art director of The Village Voice from January 2008-January 2010. She did over 100 covers in that time, many of them self-illustrated (Simones estimates that she created a third of the covers herself). The low budgets, quick production schedule, and Simones's own street smart design style helped to create a look that was brash, graphic, funny, provocative, and immediate. She used bold photography and strong original illustration to give the covers a unique sense of power and imagination. Here are 11 of the best Ivylise Simones covers from The Village Voice

(Above): November 18, 2009, illustration by Ivylise Simones. "Sometimes you can really amaze yourself with the things you can do when you are confronted with so many limitations."


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