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Real or SurrealPhotos from the SPD Auction

Real or Surreal

Photos from the SPD Auction

Tuesday night's Real or Surreal Photography and Illustration Auction was a glittering and fun gathering at MILK Gallery celebrating the collaborations between the members of SPD and the photographers, illustrators, and artists who together shape the stories of our time. Over 100 artists donated some of their best work, and hundreds turned out for a night of bidding, cocktails, delicious food, and best of all, major appreciation -- followed by the after party at the Soho Grand's new Club Room. A slideshow of some of the shots from the night after the jump...
Barry Blitt's Backstory

Barry Blitt's Backstory

Barry Blitt created this striking watercolor for a New Yorker cover assignment. I asked him to give us the backstory:

"This was one idea from a stack of end-of-summer sketches I sent in to the magazine. It's as close to a sort of old time New Yorker cover as I get. It's nice to try my hand at drawing pictures without would-be terriorists or politicians of any stripe.

When I got the go-ahead, I drew a couple of versions of the final. This was the runner-up. I get nervous and keep redrawing everything until the issue gets printed, and sometimes even afterward."

Brian Duffy's

Brian Duffy's "David Bowie"

This past year we lost Brian Duffy, one of the photographers who defined the look of the "Swinging Sixties" in London.
Duffy, along with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, known collectively as the "Terrible Trio" or the "Black Trinity," shook up the photography scene by shooting fashion and portraiture in a more playful, documentary style. … MORE
Paula Scher's

Paula Scher's "India"

Paula Scher's been doing these groovy type maps for awhile now, and here's your chance to own a giant signed limited edition silkscreen (the paintings themselves are priceless). Full disclosure here; I'd buy every continent if I could afford them, and in fact, own an enormous Africa print. I'm a total fan of Paula and this series. You'll find the Bollywood-colored India, as well as some other fantastic prints, originals, and objects, at Real or Surreal on the 16th. We've included top illustrators and designers in the auction this time around, so clear a wall and get your bids in early. I'm just sayin'... … MORE
Herb Ritts'

Herb Ritts' "Eona Holding Zebra Skull" from Africa

In 1993, Herb Ritts traveled to east Africa, to photograph the Masai people, animals and landscape there. Working with him on the "Africa" book that was a product of his travels was a wonderful experience. I think Herb was proud of being able to produce images of people and nature that had nothing to do with Hollywood.... Yet the style and elegance of a Ritts photograph came through.

From a 1999 interview with Herb when his work, including his work from Africa, was being presented by the Foundation Cartier in France, sent to us by the Herb Ritts Foundation:
I loved doing the Africa book. It was a place I had always wanted to venture to. I was so taken that I went back six months later and just took pictures. I loved working with only what was in front of me, as it came along. It's a matter of composing with your eye what's going on in front of you, bringing what you've learned into the moment you're in.

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