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Must Read: iPad Design Lab

Must Read: iPad Design Lab

MARIO.PNGHaving spent some time with Mario Garcia's new iBook, the only way to start off this post is... THE TAKEAWAY: If you're working in publishing, iPad Design Lab is a timely and informative must read. 

Design Lab ($9.99, Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle) is chock full of valuable information for anyone working in publishing today, including several interviews with today's top designers working on this new platform. One thing that I appreciated in the book, was the way that Mario related designing for tablets to the basics of storytelling -- as well as reintroducing web design basics that could be overlooked by print print designers forging new territory in a digital sapce. We live and work in a multi-screen world, and I quite enjoyed was the discussion of this topic which Mario call's "Four devices in harmony".

Here's a quick look inside iPad Design Lab:

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