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Imitation is Flattery?

Hi all, quick question...I illustrated the logo on the left a few years ago for a small burger shop in Brooklyn, it's copyrighted on all display / menus / collateral. I got a text the other night from the NY Food & Wine Festival, saying a major restaurateur ripped it off. The logo on the right just came to me...I think they're pretty different, others say it's too close for comfort and find out the extent of their usage. Not a new topic but an ongoing one; I'm curious what you think at what point is a copyrighted design is original, inspiration, or just an idea out in the world? It's basic deconstructing a sandwich... but if it was your small startup business versus a multi-million dollar franchise does that change the picture?


Luke Hayman on the Best and Worst Magazine Design Trends

Luke Hayman on the Best and Worst Magazine Design Trends

Pentagram's Luke Hayman, one of the magazine industry's most respected and prolific designers, was filmed at "FOLIO:Show 2008" discussing the best and worst trends of 2008.

Watch the video after the jump.

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