SPD Competition Alert: Magazine of the Year is now FREE

SPD Competition Alert: Magazine of the Year is now FREE

My no-frills headline lacks puns, humor and cleverness in general, but what it lacks in frills, it more than makes up in cash and a shiny blue ribbon. That is, cash left in your budget (or pocket) and the head-spinning possibility of SPD's highest honor.

This is a dog whistle everyone can hear: The moment you enter your magazine in any of our other 54 categories(!) you're eligible to enter Magazine of the Year at NO additional cost. Hear that?
You'll choose your three best issues from 2008 but new this year, you'll submit a single-page printout that shows a selection of the very best cover and spreads from among those issues. (Fill the form out online at www.spd.org/contest and then print to add to your entry.) This printout will sit on top of your three issues at the competition and will distill your vision, for a clear and immediate read.

Full disclosure! Judges devote a whole day to MoY and it's that day they'll go through each of your three issues for a complete sense of your work. The printout is a new device to immediately cut through the clutter and provide memorable highlights.

Also new this year: NO more circulation classification! Everyone's in the room together on the same table and what emerges will truly be the Best In Show.

This year, Magazine of the Year is a whole new dawg.
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