Member vs Non Member

Member vs Non Member Question: If I were entering PUB 44 (and I am)--would I want to pay for my entries as a non member, or get smart and save lots of $$ as a member?

I think we all know the answer to this one!
This is the community in which we work and which we are, believe it or not, members. So why not recognize this, save ourselves $10 on every entry and become a member? A few benefits to keep in mind: Get a copy of the annual FREE ($55 value); Save $5 on every speaker event (and there are quite a few); get the News & Notes and be part of the news yourself; save $200 at the Gala; be part of the Members' Choice (both entering and voting); get to know your peers; spread and hear the word of mouth; and GET INVOLVED--shape your own destiny, really.

Sign up as a member while submitting your entry form which can be downloaded here.

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