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Dog Gone...

Dog Gone...

Now that your 44th Awards Gala co-hosts have had a chance to exhale, we'd like to share some of our favorite captured moments from a wonderful evenings worth of celebrating stellar magazines.
To view the gallery, the whole shebang photographed by Bryan Bedder can be found here.  Stay tuned for the top dogs screen test-inspired film from the evening, a hilarious Triumph the insult dog's cameo and some of our film shorts from the awards presentation!

The Best in Show: PUB 44 Medal Winners

After a glorious Gala Friday night, we're still recovering a bit, but wanted to put out a huge congrats to ALL of the Gold and Silver Medal winners, and the Merit Winners, of SPD's PUB 44. Just 10% of the total entries in January were selected overall, which is a huge, huge accomplishment!

As we work to finish adding the almost 700 winners of PUB 44 to the Galleries (check back here by the end of the week!) we're happy to post a full list of the Gold & Silver winners after the jump, or you can download a pdf of the press release here, and check back for party pictures as we get them (and if you've got them, send them in!). Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the work, and more importantly, the fabulous people who DO the work: you're the reason we can do this! And now, we're off to soak our feet a bit more; you, check out these winners...

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