PUB 45: And the Jury Is...

PUB 45: And the Jury Is...

As you begin to sift through your work from 2009, selecting your own Rare Specimens from the Editorial world to submit to SPD's PUB 45 Competition, you'll be encouraged to know that your work, your best work, side-by-side on the table with the best work from your peers, is being judged by the best of the best as well:

Debra Bishop, CD, More
Casey Tierney, DP, Real Simple

Captains and the jury, as well as some special notes about the judging, after the jump...

Gail Anderson, CD-Design, SpotCo
Scott Dadich, CD, WIRED
Arem Duplessis, DD, The New York Times magazines
Nathalie Kirshseh, AD, W
Laurie Kratochvil, Visual Consultant
Dora Somosi, DP, GQ

Florian Bachleda, CD, FB Design/Latina
Dirk Barnett, CD, Maxim
Amy Berkley, PE, Field & Stream
Casey Caplowe, CD, Good
Ken DeLago, DD, Golf Digest
Kristina DiMatteo, AD
Chris Dixon, DD, New York
Chris Dougherty, DP, People
Andrea Dunham, CD, Women's Health
Janet Froelich, CD, Real Simple
Eddie Guy, Illustrator
David Harris, DD, Vanity Fair
Luke Hayman, Partner, Pentagram
Kathleen Klech, DP, Condé Nast Traveler
Amy Koblenzer, PE
Criswell Lappin, CD, Metropolis
Matthew Lenning, DD, Bon Appétit
Jeremy Leslie, Editor,
Patrick Mitchell, DD, O, the Oprah Magazine
Kira Pollack, DP, Time
Michael Norseng, DP, Esquire
Mary Shanahan, CD, Town & Country
Maisie Todd, PE, ESPN The Magazine
Gael Towey, CCO / EIC, Martha Stewart Living
TJ Tucker, CD, Texas Monthly
Zana Woods, Sr. PE, WIRED

Jeremy LaCroix, CD, CBS Interactive / /

Bruce Ramsay

Nancy Stamatopoulos, AD, Supermarket News

A few things to know about the jury for the SPD judging:
This year, special effort was made to curate a jury of experts within three significant disciplines: design, photography, and illustration. The jury will vote on entries within the classifications in which they are expert: photo experts on photo entries, design experts on design entries, etc. The only exception to this rule is for the entries in the Magazine of the Year classification, where work is judged for all its significant attributes.

To ensure fairness, judges are not permitted to vote on their own rare specimens; in that case, their Captain steps in to vote in their stead.

No discussion about the specimens is allowed during the voting process, to prevent lobbying and undue influence. We leave that to the government.
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