PUB 45 Call For Entries: Rare Specimens Requested

PUB 45 Call For Entries: Rare Specimens Requested Now in our 45th year, SPD's acclaimed "Rare Specimens" competition has cultivated hundreds of remarkable entries from the most knowledgeable and esteemed designers, photo editors and assorted editorial experts from around the civilized world. Taken together, these selected works promote and recognize champion editorial work from print and online manufacture; the jury reviews each specimen as to how it upholds the greatest of attributes in each of these principles: uniformity of overall structure, uniqueness, and clarity, as well as good taste and charm.

Rare specimens are now requested from all corners of the world, from the glossiest of the glossies to the ground-breaking alt-weeklies, from online video and blog reporting to limited-run 'zines and local broadsheets, from corporate missives to specialty niche publications. Download entry forms & rules here.

Entries due by FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2010 without a late penalty.

2009 has been a challenging, tumultuous year in our industry, but one that has proven the rule: from great challenges can come some of the best solutions. Inspire your colleagues!

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