SPD Digital: Judging Excellence in Editorial Design Across All Digital Platforms

SPD Digital: Judging Excellence in Editorial Design Across All Digital Platforms NEW FINAL DEADLINE! Wednesday, April 7th at 5PM!

The SPD Digital Competition is the first competition to exclusively embrace and celebrate great editorial design being executed across all digital platforms--great design is platform agnostic! Send in your best work and be celebrated with the best of the best at the SPD Awards Gala in May, in the SPD PUB 45 hardcover Annual, and be put on a pedestal in the SPD.org Galleries.

We are also announcing this year, for the first time ever, the Site of the Year Awards where we'll crown the year's best website. To level the playing field we will offer two Site of the Year Awards for sites both with and without a print component.
Who can enter you ask? Web sites and other digital publications containing dynamic or regularly updated editorial content including text, pictures, video, audio, animation or a combination of any of these.

Keep reading after the jump for the list of jurors, rules and forms for entry...

First steps: download the Call for Entries with all the information and entry forms here. All entries can be e-mailed directly to SPD at mail@spd.org, but the deadline is Friday, April 2, 2010, extended! FINAL DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 7th at 5PM -- so you've got a little more time to think about your best work from 2009 and get your links ready.

And who'll be judging your work?
This year's jury is a dream team of top editorial creatives working across all types of digital media:


Brian Ellis Martin, Executive Creative Director, CNN Digital/CNN.com
Jason Treat, Art Director, The Atlantic.com
Josh Engroff, Vice President, Digital, Billboard
Khoi Vinh, Design Director, NYTimes.com / Author, Subtraction.com
Natalie Hansen, Executive Creative Director, CNET
Sean Villafranca, Design Director, Time.com

Jeremy LaCroix, Creative Director, CBS Interactive

Categories include:
01 NEW! Site of the year w/ print
02 NEW! Site of the year w/out print
03 Redesign
04 Feature story package
05 Illustration
06 Photography
07 Photography series
08 Video
09 Rich Media/Infographics
10 Interactive tool
11 Mobile version of the site
12 Mobile app

So get to linking! Get noticed early and help us continue to promote and celebrate the best editorial work being done online in the way only an organization like SPD can.

  • Jeremy LaCroix

    To clarify things, If you already entered the online competition categories for PUB 45 your entries will be entered into this competition.

    I apologize for any confusion.

    This year we have played with branding the online competition in it's own language in an effort to make the message more attractive and digestible for creatives working online as historically the SPD audience is majority print centric and the "online" side of the equation has been handled more as a "mini me" to the well known PUB competitions .

    We have some work to do, my experience has been when creatives working in the digital medium hear the term Society of Publication Designers they assume print, even worse some of them think "old" print, we are trying to change that and make SPD an environment that equally embraces print and digital mediums.

    That being said we are re-assessing how to do this better next year. One thought is to keep the digital competition more closely tied to the print competition and have two separate entry forms. Another thought is to completely spin off the digital competition as it's own beast much like we do with the spots and student competitions.

    I would appreciate if any of you reading this who have an opinion one way or the other to add a comment with your thoughts... This competition is young and we want to ramp it up to greatness as soon as possible, your feedback will help us do that.

    The digital editorial creative community is a tough bunch to gather up, however SPD is the perfect place for them (along with us whom are already here) to congregate, exchange information and learn from each other.

    Thanks for your time, Please enter this competition and forward links of it to any creatives you think may be interested. We need all the help we can get in getting the word out!

    Also I heard a rumor that we are going to extend the entry deadline to April 7th!!! A few extra days to rally the troops, c'mon show us what you got!

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