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SPOTS! SPOTS! SPOTS! Fame, Glory, Awards + The Party. Enter Now.

SPOTS! SPOTS! SPOTS! Fame, Glory, Awards + The Party. Enter Now.

Illustration is changing, showing up in unexpected ways, blurring borders, reinventing itself as a medium for bold expression in the digital age. Tightening budgets are breeding creative solutions. Digital publishing i smoking away from the stifling proliferation of photographic syndication, stock imagery, and sameness. Illustrators are moving to the forefront, providing the character and dynamism needed to stand out in a crowd of predictability.

And they're doing it with SPOTS.

The static full-page illustration is no longer the standard of excellence. In both printed and digital publications, the most exciting illustration weaves its way into the fabric of the story, makes trends tangible, tells the deeper truth, communicates identities, and often wins the spotlight for itself.

SPOTS honors the illustrations that outshine all the others when the spotlight comes around.

SPD is the only organization to honor this exciting, evolving artform with its annual SPOTS competition, a part of our mission to promote the best in editorial design, today and every day. Commissioned work by publications of any kind (printed or digital, paper or screen) is awarded, along with UNcommissioned work, pieces published only by you, the illustrator.

Download the forms and Call for Entries after the jump...

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