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Roger Black on Ready-Media

Roger Black on Ready-Media

The post earlier this week on the SPD site about the new Ready-Media project started by Roger Black, Sam and David Berlow, Robb Rice, and Eduardo Danilo, was the most controversial item we've ever published. It attracted passionate and articulate comments, both pro and con, from a huge cross-section of publication designers and art directors. The arc of the comments seemed to go through the classic five steps of grieving, although they skipped the first one, denial, and went straight to number two, anger, followed by bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

The discussion over the implications of Ready-Media's "just add content" strategy were picked up on a lot of publication and design websites, including comments by Steven Heller of Print magazine, Jeremy Leslie at Magculture, Andrew Losowsky at Magtastic Blogsplosion, and an interview with Roger Black at the Society of News Design site.

We contacted Roger Black, and asked him to answer some questions about Ready-Media, as well as addressing some of the criticisms that were raised by SPD members. Here's what he had to say:


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