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Newsweek's 'Diana at 50' Cover Stirs Up Controversy...

Newsweek's 'Diana at 50' Cover Stirs Up Controversy...

...and isn't that what they hired Tina Brown for? The cover for this week's double issue features a photoshopped picture of Princess Diana, aged to imagine what she would have looked like, were she alive, at her upcoming 50th birthday, next to her daughter-in-law, Catherine Middleton. Photoshopping a cover isn't new to Newsweek, and a newsweekly, making news, sounds like a good plan, but this might not be the response they hoped for. The Atlantic Wire asks, "How creepy is Princess Diana's ghost on the cover of Newsweek?" and Fishbowl NY echoes the "creepy" tag, while New York Magazine's The Cut wonders if "reverse retouching" is about to become a thing. CJR thinks there must be a gas leak at the Newsweek office. The Los Angeles Times asks, "Shocking, brilliant or just plain cheap?"

What do YOU think?

Above: Newsweek, July 4 & 11, 2011; Creative Director, Dirk Barnett, Director of Photography, Scott Hall, Photography, R. Mutt Studios (Michael Elins)

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