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Intermediair: Weekly Magazine Covers from Holland

Intermediair: Weekly Magazine Covers from Holland

Intermediair is a weekly Dutch magazine, based in Amsterdam, art directed by Jaap Biemans. It has a circulation of 200,000, most of it free, mainly to recent Dutch university graduates. Much of the magazine's focus is on finding jobs (according to Biemans, 95% of the ads are job listings), the economy and the mix of work and life.

Biemans has been the art director since 2004. He is also the art director of the Dutch monthly Hollands Diep, and is the creative force behind, a website with an amazing collection of contemporary and archival magazine covers.

Thanks to Ron Reason, whose blog has a good interview with Biemans along with many great Intermediair covers.

(Above): February 11, 2010. Cover story: "Fuck the passion, choose with your head instead of your heart."

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