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Run, Sarah. Run!

Run, Sarah. Run!

With the next GOP Debate set for September 7th, Momma Grizzly (and former Alaska governor) Sarah Palin is keeping everyone guessing about whether or not she's going to claw her way into the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Former Bush "brain" Karl Rove says she is going to declare for the race on September 3rd at a Tea Party rally.

While we're still not sure what newspapers and magazines she reguarly reads, we here at SPD say "Run, Sarah, Run!" Every magazine cover that she appears on creates controversy, and whenever we post a Sarah Palin item on the SPD site, traffic goes through the roof. So we think it's in the best interests of art directors everywhere that Sarah Palin run for President (please note that we said "run," not "win.") There won't be nearly as much fun graphic appeal in covers featuring Mitt Romney or Rick Perry (let alone Jon Huntsman), although, so far Michele Bachmann is proving to have some seriously fun(ny) cover potential. And unfortunately no editor would let any of us near what makes Rick Santorum a great cover subject.

Here's a look back at some notable Palin magazine covers from the past three years.
--Josh Klenert & Robert Newman

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