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A look inside 'The Window' with Barneys New York's Design Director Edward Leida

A look inside 'The Window' with Barneys New York's Design Director Edward Leida

Barneys New York, the luxury specialty retailer, recently launched The Window, a print publication inspired by the successful editorial site,   We chatted with Edward Leida, Design Director at Barneys New York, whose resume includes countless awards and accolades for his beautiful design and innovation art direction at W, Town & Country, Details, and Jane, about life outside of traditional magazine publishing and launching a new publication for the luxury retailer.

A spread from The Window • click for larger view

The Window started as an editorial website and now has become a printed publication.  In creating and designing this project for the printed page, what were some of your goals and what did you hope to achieve?

Fortunately, the idea of innovation and setting ourselves apart is baked into the Barneys culture.  Historically, they have always been quite adventurous in their newspaper advertising, window displays and in the way they curate fashion.  It was only inevitable that The Window in the printed form would follow that very same tone and direction.  Initially I kind of tip toed into making it a little more adventurous and over time I got infinitely more adventurous.  Dennis Freedman has been my collaborator for many years and basically said "do what you do" and so when someone says that I know what it means.   We kid around and Dennis basically says "give it the treatment" and I know what that means.   

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