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10 Favorite Tumblr Design Sites, by Tim Moore of Letter to Jane

10 Favorite Tumblr Design Sites, by Tim Moore of Letter to Jane

Tim Moore is the creator of Letter to Jane, one of the first (and best) indie app magazines for the iPad. He also has a great Tumblr page, which doubles as the Letter to Jane website. SPD asked him to highlight 10 of his favorite Tumblr sites. -- POST WRITTEN BY TIM MOORE

Tumblr is one of the fastest-growing blogging platforms, with over 40 million posts created each day, and is now generating more page views than Wikipedia. Over the summer I made the switch with Letter to Jane's website over to Tumblr because of its ease and flexibility (I run most of the site from Tumblr's iPhone app). Soon after I made the switch I found that one of the best parts of Tumblr is community. It's great to be able to share things that you love with others, but it's even better to see those things be shared and reblogged over and over. Here is a list of what I feel are great examples of other artists and publications who are using Tumblr to connect with people.

T Magazine is a great example of why I like to follow magazines on Tumblr. A lot of publication sites can be cluttered. T Magazine's Tumblr streams posts from their website in a clean and direct fashion. It also gets high honors for being the best-looking Tumblr out there, period.

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